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What You Need to Know about Power Resistors

Different electronics will use different components. However, power resistors are fundamental and commonly used electronic component. However, they are often taken for granted but they are vital in a circuit. However, these power resistors are of different types and electronic constructors will choose the resistor that suits a certain electronic application. Some of them are just small in size but others are large such as the wirewound resistors. Learn more about power resistors

The purpose of a power resistor in electronic or electrical circuits is to regulate, resist, or set current flow through them. They do this through a conductive material. In other instances, resistors may be connected together in parallel and series combinations where they act as voltage dividers or voltage droppers within a circuit. Resistors are simply passive devices. They do not have amplification or source of power. However, they are able to attenuate or minimize the current signal or voltage that pass through them.

It is due to the attenuation that electrical energy is lost as heat since the resistor resists electron flow through it. However, there are so many types of power resistors. They are also produced in different specifications since their accuracy and characteristics will suit different applications. For instance, resistors may be used in areas with high voltage, high stability or high current among other areas.

Nowadays, however, current shunt resistors are being used in the monitoring and control circuit for current measurements instead of sensors. Because these type of resistors are low-value resistors, they are also known as current sense resistors. One of the advantages of using current shunt resistors for current measurements is that there are faster fault detection and elimination. Because of this, shunts are essential in safety application where detection of fault is required. See more current shunt resistor

On the other hand, current shunt resistors offer precise measurements thereby allowing efficient drive controls and monitoring battery management systems. They can also be used in any measuring type of application whether alternating or direct current. Again, there is a boom with the shunt nowadays because of the many applications that require measurement in vehicles. Some of the applications include battery and engine management, airbag control units, and infotainment systems among other applications.

Another type is the wirewound resistors, which are specially designed to be mounted physically onto metal plates or heatsinks to dispel the generated heat. By being mounted on heatsinks their ability to carry current is increased. But unlike other resistors, a wirewound resistor is able to handle more electrical current.

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A Look at Power Resistors

Many power run applications and industrial systems produce and use a lot of power which when not carefully handled may lead to loss and damage of property including electrical applications. To manage this, many users invest in power resistors. Power resistors are used to dissipate large amounts of power either through conversion or loss as heat.There are various types of power resistors namely dynamic braking resistors, grounding resistors and load bank. They all perform assorted functions depending on their specifications. Find out more on wirewound resistors

Grounding resistors, also known as earthing resistors are used to ground power systems, increase resistance and limit currents for the safety and reliable protection of equipment and workers in industrial plants. Load banks are power resistors that develop electrical loads containing components used to absorb heating elements from running electronic applications such as generators, power sources and batteries. Thirdly, there are dynamic breaking resistors. These resistors are used to transform kinetic energy to electrical energy. These resistors convert kinetic energy to electrical energy. This process is known as dynamic braking and it is mostly used to slow down mechanical systems. Dynamic braking is further broken down to rheostat and regenerative. In rheostat braking, the energy produced is diffused through a resistor while in regenerative braking, the electrical power that is produced is fed back into the mechanical systems. Also see high power resistors

Other types of resistors such as current sense resistors and current shunt resistors exist in circuits. In context, the word shunt, in connection to the resistors mean that the resistors work parallel with the ammeters in circuits by diverting currents. Many shunt resistors are developed using metallic components to ensure their compatibility with a range of applications such as automotive, portable devices and industrial systems that require a high degree of effectiveness. Power resistors are further divided into two categories namely low power resistors and high-power resistors. Applications use either of the two depending on their specifications, capabilities and levels of power production. The measure of the low power resistor and high-power resistors are below an eighth of a watt and over a watt, respectively. Power resistors are often larger in size than other power applications due to the amount of heat they need to dissipate. The bigger the size of the power resistor, the more the heat lost when using the resistor. However, researchers are looking into inventing resistors that are smaller in size but can still function effectively. In closing, power resistors play an important role in electronic application and industries by ensuring surge protection, protection of personnel and appliances.

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Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Power Resistor Company

If you deal with electronics, then you know it is important for you to have certain measurements in place if you do not want to end up frying your devices due to high voltage. With the help of a power resistor, you can be able to regulate the flow of an electric current in a device. Below are some of the things you need to have in mind when choosing a power resistor manufacturer to buy your resistors from. Read more about current shunt resistors

Options Available
First, you need to start by getting to know what your options are. It is necessary that you take this seriously because if you only have a single option, then you won’t have much flexibility. However, when you have more than one alternative, it makes it easy for you to compare what you have to benefit from what the different resistor companies have to offer. It helps to create a list of these companies before you move on to the next stage of narrowing down your options.

Reading Online Reviews
The next thing you need to have in mind when choosing a resistor is to look at what reviews have to say. With the help of an online review, you can gather a lot of useful information that will help you make an informed decision. Some of the things you can learn from a review include the cost of the products being sold by the resistor company, the reputation of the products, the quality of the products and whether the company is reliable or not.

Location of the Company
For you to know how to make your order or buy the resistors, it is necessary that you find out where the company is located. If you are one of those people who likes to see the products in person before you make a purchase, then you need to search for a resistor manufacturing company near you. However, if you don’t mind making your purchase online, then you can get your resistors from any reliable company that sells them online. More info on wirewound resistor

Consider Looking at the Website
It is also a good idea to check out the website of different resistor manufacturing companies. This will help you know their track record. However, you will also be able to read more about the type of products they have, since there are different types of resistors. That way, you can be sure that your choice is one that is entirely based on the information you learn.